National Strategy to Reduce Indigenous Suicide

The first national whole-of-government strategy specifically addressing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suicide has been launched , supported by $17.8 million in new funding over four years.

PM Launches Anywhere Healthcare in Hobart

It is telling us the story of how we are working to put people in regional and remote locations together with the medical help that they need because we do
not want any Australian, no matter where they live in this great country of ours to miss out on the best of medical care.

Liberal and labor Rule Out Fat Tax - so Why waste $500 000 on Report?

Shadow Health Minister, Peter Dutton, called on the Australian National Preventive Health Agency to save taxpayers’ money from being spent on a fat tax proposal that would potentially push up the cost of food for ordinary Australians without guaranteeing better health outcomes.


$59 Million for La Trobe Rural Health School


Rural Victorians will benefit from up to 1700 extra health professionals over the next four years, thanks to La Trobe University’s Rural Health School.

Research Funding to Improve Prostate Cancer Outcomes

The Government is providing $18.5 million over four years to the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centres initiative.

More Women to Get Free Breast Cancer Screening

Over the next four years, Australian women aged 70-74 will be invited for free breast cancer screening under new funding provided by the Australian Government.

A Step Forward For Advance Care Planning

Minister for Health, the Hon Tanya Plibersek (MP) yesterday announced that the Government will invest $10 million to enable Advance Care Directives to be stored on the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCeHR).

Recommendations From the 12th National Rural Health Conference

The National Rural Health Alliance makes 17 recommendations as to what needs to be done to improve rural health outcomes. See what the combined wisdom of 1200 delegates came up with.

Medical Expenses a Small Part of Total Out of Pocket Costs for Healthcare

Successive Australian Governments have failed to properly index the MBS. Because annual indexation of the MBS is lower than the CPI and the Labour Price Index, the Government contribution for medical services is reduced over time and patient gap payments grow.


Hip Pocket Pain is Hitting Australians Hard

A new Consumers Health Forum (CHF) campaign reveals Australia has among the highest out of pocket healthcare costs in the world.



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